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Thread: Kale...For BREAKFAST!!! With sausage!!!

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    Kale...For BREAKFAST!!! With sausage!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kymma View Post
    was it delicious?
    It was!!! And I'll be honest, until recently I was NOT a fan of Kale.

    My Mom and Dad used to cook it like spinach and serve it with vinegar, and my opinion for almost 40 years was "Blech! Too bitter!"

    But my opinion on Kale has really changed!

    Raw Kale isn't bitter at all, and it goes great in salad. When added together with the sausage (or bacon) with the described dressing, it's fantastic. And the fact that Kale is so full of vitamins makes it all the better.

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    This does sound delicious! I just recently tried raw Kale in a salad too, and you're right, not bitter at all. I'll have to try this.

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