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    Moving slowly often

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    Does anyone have any ideas on how to move more during the day? I am currently not working so I have plenty of free time, but I can only clean house and do chores so much, eventually there is nothing left to do around the house. I don't sit on my butt watching TV all day or anything, but I find myself constantly looking for new recipes or workouts, basically sitting with my laptop looking up new ideas for my healthy lifestyle while simultaneously being unhealthy lol. In addition to my regular workouts, should I just go on long walks outside? Is it only considered chronic cardio if you're running?

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    The consensus seems to be that long walks are highly encouraged. A better understanding of chronic cardio is here

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    Long walk for sure. An hour daily if you can, but build it up slowly. Start with 20 min and go from there. It's easy and it's a lovely way to think, "meditate" and process your research without effort.

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    I'm in the same boat, and I probably spend way too much time here.
    Walk/bike to the store. It helps if you only buy fresh stuff, so you have to go every day or two.
    Explore your town/city on foot. It's definitely a different place than when you drive through.
    Find chores or projects (gardening/lawn care, furniture building, etc) that require moderate physical effort. I wish I had a workshop somewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ar0e View Post
    Is it only considered chronic cardio if you're running?
    Running is only chronic cardio if your heart rate goes above 75%. I can do 9 minute miles at 75%, so I can run all I want as long as I go slow. If you really want to be a runner, you can do it and be primal the whole time. You can run a marathon and be primal if you want. All it takes is the discipline to go slow.


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    Get out and walk. The sun and fresh air do wonders for the body as much as the walking does.
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    Not sure if you are into trying something new, but look into a form of martial arts training/meditation called 'Zhan Zhuang'. Youtube has a good series on it.

    Might look really stupid, but 'squatting low' and maintaining each posture for a few minutes (initially) is a very good cardio and muscular endurance workout. Best of all, it is probably the most low impact cardio/muscular endurance you can get.

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    I'm underemployed which means I only work one or two days a week and some weeks not at all, but my job entails lots and lots of movement. Luckily, I have a Wii so after all the house cleaning is done, which takes like 15 minutes because I live in a small apartment, and after I research (play) online, I dance or bowl or golf or play tennis, etc. I try to get outside in the early morning or in the late afternoon for long walks or bike rides. I got my new skates in the mail yesterday so that will be happening soon.
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    I work a pretty insanely stressful job, with pretty long hours. So for the last few months I've made big progress with lifting heavy things, in short bursts, and short hard runs a few times a week. But long walks would be a big win. Thinking of trying walking at lunch, sadly, maybe bringing the blackberry? I know Grok didn't have to fill out paperwork, but I'm pretty sure I need to turn some of this stuff in no matter how bad I'd like to walk around town

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    Yes, I think it's a great compromise to walk and do the "business of the blackberry" either during or before/after work hours.

    If I get a call that I know is going to be a pain in the neck and will tie me up for 1/2 hour or more, I immediately get off my butt and start walking. I figure if either way I'm going to be tied up that I'm much better tied up and walking than tied up and sitting at my desk.

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