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Thread: Local Grassfed Meat

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    Local Grassfed Meat

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    If I wanted to get grass-fed meat at not too ridiculous prices...and have a decentish (avg) amount of money to spend on food, would it be better to shop local farmer's markets (around Santa Monica/Pasadena), or is it most cost effective to order in bulk online, and have it shipped frozen? Instincts tell me it's much more environmental friendly and maybe even cheaper to go local...but buying in bulk seems to feel cheaper? Anyone have experience with a similar situation?


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    I saw an ad on craigslist, a local dairy woman was slaughtering one of her steers. She offered her meat at $4 a pound, steaks and all. Got organ meats, bones (with marrow!!!) for free, everything but the moo. We have a chest freezer and it has been great! You might post a local request, although you are not likely to get a slaughtered steer right now, more likely in the fall, end of spring is when the first slaughter the steers of size.

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