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Thread: When do Coconuts go bad?

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    So, I bought my first coconut after hearing how good the water and meat was. After messing with it for a bit I got it mess...and poured the water into a cup.

    Is coconut water supposed to taste like soap?

    So, I nibbled on the meat. Now, my mom never put soap in my mouth, but if she had I think it would of tasted the same.

    I could smell a faint aroma of coconut but the taste was terrible.

    Maybe I should try again...this time from Whole Foods...instead of a Walmart Market.

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    Whole coconuts taste best when they are fresh. I've had experience with bad coconuts, so I usually stick to frozen shredded coconut, coconut milk or dessiccated coconut.

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    I am in agreement with maba. And no, coconut should not taste of all.

    Whole Foods is a much better idea and I have never gone wrong there.

    We have similar names Brit

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