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Thread: PB affecting your relationship

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    PB affecting your relationship

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    Hello all,

    I wondered if any of you experienced challenges in your relationship after you started the PB lifestyle?

    I love the PB lifestyle, love the idea and science behind it, the food and the exercise. I've always been health concious and sport loving so this is right up my alley.

    Now I also love my long term girlfriend. I love her cover star looks , her top of the class intelligence and love her passion for her career . However, she follows a low fat diet, eats high amounts of sugar, drinks sodas and pops pills at the sign of a headache. Although she understands the science behind the PB she said she could never give the food products she loves .

    Yet it hurts me to see all the bad stuff going into her body. It hurts me to see all the good stuff that her body is missing out on such as all the essential fats. And I feel it is a bad influence on me as I cant always say no to non primal foods such as potato. The more I'm getting into this the more it is starting to eat away at me.

    She says she loves my "beautiful muscles" and wants me to show her how to get some abs because she notices how little effort it takes me. I tell her its start with a good diet of unprocessed foods: more eggs. She laughs it off and goes for the Kellogg's with berries and sugar But I would love to massage her back when her muscles are more visible and a little more defined...

    As for sex, since I started this my libido has risen from an already very satisfying level but I feel that her libido has only gone down since she started the low fat diet over a year ago.

    Now, I just wondered who of you have experienced similar situations and how did you keep your relationship in one piece?

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    I look at it this way...I love my wife not the food she eats. I love my wife not her bad habits (smoking). She loves me the same. I'm not going to let something as small as diet affect that. As long as she respects my choices, I will respect hers.

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    Really the only thing you can do is stick with what works for you. She will either figure it out or she won't. Dietary habits/dogma are almost as bad as religion with most people. You can't change their minds, only they can.
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    My boyfriend and I eat different things. It is not a big deal. He has not battled with weight issues like I have so the carbs don't seem to bother him. He teases me about not eating them and I tease him back about eating them. He's been great about helping me stay active. I joined Crossfit and now we walk on weekday evenings and bike weekend mornings. Neither one of us makes it an issue. He gets potato and I get salad. Everyone is happy. As long as he continues to support my lifestyle I will continue to support his.

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    My husband gradually embraced the Primal lifestyle as he saw how much healthier I was getting.

    If you are planning to have children, then you can play the fertility card Primal women are much more fertile (from the stories I've been reading) and their babies are pretty darn healthy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skydiver View Post
    I love her cover star looks
    Sorry, I stopped reading after this.

    What's the problem again?
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    My husband is on board with me, and I'm so thankful for that. It makes the transition so much easier.

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    Follow what is important to you.

    People are replaceable. If she supports what you're doing, good to go. If not, replace. It's pretty simple as long as you don't let emotions muck it up. Besides, she may need to up her game if the gulf between her and you is growing.
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    I totally understand. Its getting the point where my bf is sick of me talking excitedly about diet and nutrition and health. The more you talk about it, the more they back away and eat bread. It's up to them to decide.
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    It makes the transition so much easier.

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