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Thread: Be happy, but never satisfied -Bruce Lee

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    Be happy, but never satisfied -Bruce Lee

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    Over the past 11 years (and two kids) I've lost (yes lost) 50+ pounds. I gave up on diets, made one change at a time in my eating habits, and worked out like an animal. However...I've never really gotten the body I want. The one I should have from all the exercise I get....and that's where the candy, grain and other ass loving junk comes in. I love it, and I've never stopped eating it. I firmly believe you cannot achieve things until you are ready. No one can make you do it, and you should only change for yourself. That being said, I am ready.
    I've read the PB and it makes perfect sense. Many of the concepts I had already adopted into my life (no partially hydro oils, high fructose rat poison etc) but for whatever reason, just hadn't made the leap.
    This is day two for me and I, like everyone it seems, am amazed at how...not starving I am. I had a coconut smoothie for breakfast (coconut milk, berries, ice) and it was sooo good. I looked at the fat/calorie label on the side of the can, was briefly horrified, then remembered I need that good fat and the calorie is a subjective unit of measure. I felt great all morning. I mean really great. It is my usual habit to grab a bag of gummies mid morning (and eat the entire bag of course) and I swear I didn't even think about it. Crazy!
    So bring it on! I am ready to be healthier than ever, stop traffic with my killer ass and make grown men cry...(also working on a sub 5 marathon but we can talk about that later

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    Welcome Early Bird. Grok on!
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    I can make grown men cry. But my body has nothing to do with it

    Newcomers: If you haven't read the book, at least read this thread ... and all the links!

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    That's awesome Belinda! Hahha!

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    Welcome and have fun! I am!
    Doing the Primal 30 Day Challenge since August 8th, 2011!

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    sports are very important!

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    I love the "make grown men cry" part. Made me grin. Welcome from a fellow newcomer.

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