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Thread: Calling Kansas City Area Primals - should we meetup?

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    I'm in KC - up north. I did happen to meet a MDA follower from Olathe today so I will direct them to this thread to chime in. Some sort of meet up would be interesting.

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    Kansas City, KS
    I would completely join a meet up group in the KC area! I am in KCK and work in Overland Park. I have only met a couple other fellow groks and grokettes here in the KC area and would love to surround myself with more like-minded folks! Just tell me when and where! :

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    I live in KC!!! I am only a 2 week long primal but young and motivated!!! Only if we can wear face paint and go fishing.

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    It's been a while. Has there been an influx of primes in and around Kansas City? If so, message me and maybe we can get a group together.

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