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Thread: Workout Soreness and Nutrition

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    Workout Soreness and Nutrition

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    I am new so thanks in advance. I have been following the nutrition guidlines for about 5 weeks and feel great. I have been running about 3 to 5 miles a day and have been unusually sore. I have always been pretty active and never really felt this soreness before. I am assuming it is from my new eating habits. Is there something I should eat more of or take some sort of suppliments?

    Thanks in advance.

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    more strength training... less cardio.

    big batches of bone broth... add it to everything or just drink it like a cup of coffee.

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    3-5 miles daily is not primal. You will have to eat more carbs if you want to keep running.

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    Thank you. I need to join a gym and cut back on the runs.

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    The body is never really adapted to run long distances. We walk for miles and miles and have short sharp sprints from time to time.maybe look at taking that approach with some safe weight lifting. fase the running out and you wont have that urge for snacking. You wont gain fat or lose any fitness if thats what your worried about.

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    No need to join a gym.

    Just find a pull up bar and then you can do the Essential Primal Movements for strength training twice a week. I'm doing that and it kicks my butt pretty good and I've seen good progress each time out (being able to do more of each movement)

    I figure that until I get to Level 4 on all five movements, I don't NEED to join a gym unless I decide that I just want to. Since my money is going to other things (like, say, better sourced primal based foods) I don't feel like I want to right now.

    I'm a former "run all the timer" as well, so it's been an interesting change for me. Do the sprints once a week -- for me that was the easiest thing to incorporate (partially because I was generally doing some kind of sprint/speed-focused work once a week already) and it helps me satisfy that runners "sweet tooth"

    Other than that, I've been trying to move a lot but slow down to do it. Lots of walks or sometimes dragging my kids out of the house to walk up to the park and then playing with them. It's been nice. But, that running urge is starting to creep back in for me a little, so I will probably end up working one "long run" in a week, but either by either stopping and checking my pulse or using a heart rate monitor (as suggested in PB) I will do everything I can to make sure that I stay down in the 55-75% zone when I do.

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