Oh, hello there. Thanks for stopping by. This is my Primal Journal. I'm using this forum for straight up accountability. This has worked for me in the past (P90X and such...yeah I know). It has also helped me crush an addiction to nicotine in the form of chewing tobacco. There's just something about making a promise to yourself and complete strangers that leads accountability and completion of goals.

Quick Background:

Former college athlete. Got a "real" job. Got fat and lazy. Did P90X 4 times. Got results. Got tired. Got sick. Got fat and lazy again. Sick and tired of being sick and tired. Found this site. Got slapped in the face with mind-numbingly simple common sense. So here I am. Ready to get my Grok on!


Weight loss, overall health, energy and improved mood. Oh yeah, I also want to LGN.
Start: 198
Goal: 175

Shortcomings (soon to be a non-factor!)

I love to cook primally and hate bread (yes, I read the book a year ago) so I have a bit of a head start in that department. My downfall is beer. I really really really love craft beer. Beer is what is holding me back. I also don't get enough sleep and don't put enough time into my fitness (as in absolutely no time into my fitness at the moment). I have a funny feeling it is related to the beer.

How Will My Journal Help:

Plain and simple = accountability. I will post daily, in the morning if possible. Each daily post will serve as a promise to live primal for the day. Each day is a new day and a new commitment to PB. I may or may not post daily summaries at the end of the day. The summary will be an activity log/food log. I will post weekly progress reports consisting of weight, avg sleep, energy levels and mood reports. I will post random thoughts and questions to help me overcome hurdles in this adventure.

So, with that being said:

Day 01 - I will live primal today.