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Thread: Jerky Spices/Marinade Ideas?

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    I'm planning to make some jerky in my oven, but not sure how to spice it. We cannot do soy of any sort. (Soy sauce is an ingredient in so many store-brand jerkys...)

    Any ideas? I'd love to hear them! Thanks so much!

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    We just use cracked black pepper or a dry rub of mixed herbs.

    It doesn't need to be complicated.

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    You can do it w/o anything other than the meat. It comes out tasting like..........meat.

    I've done good marinades with assorted proportions of A1 type (cheaper, off brand) sauce, Worcheshire sauce, Colgin smoke smoke sauce. Put meat and liquid in a big Ziplock, let sit 8 hours or more, turn now and then.

    I use cube steak, it's already been tenderized and the cut is thin enough. Best idea I had in a long time.

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    I'm going to try a recipe tonight without Worcheshire (HFCS) and soy sauce , I'm thinking Sricha Jalapenos , liquid smoke, perhaps a little horseradish ? garlic , black pepper, and salt

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    Maybe add some apple cider vinegar to that mix?

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    we bought a dehydrator the other day and made our first batch of jerky with ground turkey the other day. we used the sample back of rub that came with the machine. we threw out the flavored sample pack b/c it had some bad stuff in it. i know if you're making a batch in the dehydrator you have to use a certain amount of salt per pound to cure it. we added coarse ground black pepper on top and it turned out great. i plan on making my own rub for future batches. we also bought one of those jerky guns so that we could just use ground meat.
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    I most often just use some liquid smoke and black pepper - seems to be a big hit around here. I just made a batch from two roasts on the weekend...cut my damn thumb badly on my meat slicer though :-(

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    I use a modified "sweet & sour" recipe that I found: Soy sauce (replaced the soy sauce with Braggs), pineapple puree, cider vinegar, salt, pepper, garlic. I have added Stevia, ginger, and chili to it, and it always turns out yummy.
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