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Thread: Stevia query

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    Stevia query

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    I get a feed from Robb Wolf on FB, and he said something that has me wondering. Here's the quote:

    “@coachluan: @Poppet0609 @robbwolf Which is more Paleo- sugar in the raw or Stevia plant? Im afraid that they are equally bad ” cocaine.
    Since going primal, my sweetener of choice has been 100% stevia with no additives. I thought it does not cause an insulin response or any affect on blood sugar at all, so why is Robb Wolf saying it's bad? I know no human can be 100% correct on all matters, but this comment makes me consider whether my use of stevia is okay. Anyone know why he doesn't like it?


    BTW, I researched what Sisson has to say about it, found this quote, which says to me that he regards it in same way he does milk, i.e. he doesn't think it's harmful. (

    Stevia is an herb-based non-caloric sweetener that is available in the U.S. as a dietary supplement. Native to Paraguay, you can buy stevia in whole-leaf form or as a powder extract that you dissolve in water. The pull of this “alternative” sweetener is that it’s not part of the artificial crowd. It’s used in many corners of the globe and is considered safe for diabetics. Like sucralose, it packs a powerful punch. A few drops of the liquid have about the same sweetening power as an entire cup of sugar. Also like sucralose, it can be used for baking. The biggest drawback of stevia: many complain that it has a very defined and unappealing underlying flavor. Some say it’s an acquired taste. Others say it’s a taste not worth acquiring.
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    I really like and respect Robb Wolfe, but I don't always agree with him. Remember that paleo =\= primal.

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    I use a bit of it, usually to take the edge off of something very sour. E.g., I make lemonade with it but don't add enough to make it sweet, just not super puckery. I have not checked my blood sugar after using it. But I think it is ok.
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    I love my liquid stevia and it's not going anywhere! I'm another who respects RW, but I'm with Mark on this one - and not as a result of my love for the stuff. (I swear!)
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    Personally, I think one should should rather focus on minimizing the intake of "sweets" to the point where it doesn't matter which sweetener you use, because it will be such an insignificant part of your diet anyway. In other words, if you only use Stevia (or cane sugar) in your coffee in the morning and otherwise stay away from sweets/sugar, I wouldn't worry about it.

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    You read comments from Rob Wolf and from Mark Sisson. Now with those fine ideas as a starter read some of the literature and come to your own conclusion. Be like Grok. Study and learn and try something of your own. That is the way to knowledge and improvment.
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    Please correct me if I'm wrong, my general understanding and policy of anything that is sweet or sweet-tasting, regardless of macro-nutrient content, can cause a spike in insulin because of the Pavlovian effect on hormone response and industry claims it doesn't because they only acknowledge the link between the chemical effect and not the psychological or secondary physiological effects.

    For this reason I have always avoided all sweeteners. I've always been curious about the validity of this understanding.

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    Many sweeteners do have that effect but many don't. Mark Sisson published a series of articles that analyzed which ones had the effect on insulin and which ones didn't. Stevia was one that didn't according to his review of research.

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    I have heard the podcasts where Robb has talked about stevia and the other 0 calorie sweeteners. I think the main take away point is that in some studies (don't have link) they have seen that consuming a 0 calorie sweetener still results in an insulin response even though there is no sugar. Basically it confuses your body to think you ate real sugar and result in the same type of insulin response.

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    i think maybe RW feels he has to hold a big blue line that people wont cross becasue most ppl are junkies for sugar and if you give them any sweets they cant control themselves.
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