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Thread: Whole 30 Question

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    Question Whole 30 Question

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    Hi All - I started the Whole 30 last week, I am on Day 6 now. I've cut my fruit down to once a day. So my question is, when is the best time to eat it? I used to eat it for breakfast with greek yogurt or cottage cheese. But dairy is out, and they say its not good to get a belly full of fruit sugars first thing in the when? Maybe it doesn't really matter, as long as its not the first thing I eat when I get up. Your thoughts?

    Sidebar: I feel amazing, I'm so glad I did this! I was doing well on regular PB, but I realized now I was eating too much dairy and fruit. I initially lost 15 lbs on PB, but then plateau'ed, got discouraged, and went on an binge, gained back 8 lbs. I realized I needed to get my sugar cravings in check, and The Whole 30 seemed the only way to do it. So far, it's working!

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    I am not doing the whole 30...but my trainer likes me to eat fruit before I do that. Maximized living (my chiropractor) says that you shouldn't eat fruit after lunch....I have been eating less and less fruit and am down to the one pre exercise serving and if I don't exercise I don't even get that in....not sure if any of that is helpful...but that is what I know

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