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Thread: Help needed

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    Help needed

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    So my biggest challenge is breakfast. I always start my day wrong because I crave sweet every morning. In fact anything remotely greasy makes me spend half my day in the bathroom. Eggs does the same thing, which I don't get. But that being said, I hate cooking in the morning as well. I want something simple and sweet. So does anyone of any ideas? I got three little ones so the faster the better. Thank you!
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    Cook some hamburgers the night before and warm them up in the morning.
    I sometimes heat up a can of salmon (you can scramble it in with eggs and it cuts the egginess)
    Neither are sweet but both are quick. Leftovers reheated are also quick.

    Yogurt and berries is an option, or a smoothie, if you want sweet.

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    Why not make xrta for dinner and have left over in the am... who said you have to break your fast w/bacon and eggs? or a BAS w/steak or fish, or chicken...

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    If you are not looking to reduce fruit servings, or can handle the evenings without fruit, you can try fresh or frozen fruit or berries with some natural ham or any lean leftover meat. Blackberries are natural with turkey breast!
    You can bake an apple in a microwave stuffed with berris and nuts or cheese (if you eat cheese) or egg-white (if you can take an egg-white)
    Does avocado make you nauseous too? If not, slicing or pureing some with tomato and any lean meat is a suggestion, and if you want a bit of sweetness to it, and tomatoes are not sweet, I guess it won't work
    A baked in the microwave sweet potato, squash, pumpkin (make a porridge like breakky) or leftover beets
    Some fresh carrots grated with cabbage and apple and walnuts and celery salad (waldrof of your own )
    Sugar-free meringues left in the open oven overnight
    Any leftovers from supper that you find appealing will work well as a breakfast.
    Or drizzle raspberry vinagrette over some salad if it is warm...
    Or, you can bake some flax focaccia/quick microwave bread, toast it and enjoy it with some tea. There are recipes for flax and almond meal muffins, but that's imo running too far afield.

    Oh, and if you like smoothies, my super-smoothie is 1/2 avocado, 2 egg whites and a cup of frozen berries. It can be sweetened a little with a sweetenet of your choice, or if you do not shy bananans, throw 1/2 banana into it. I use Magic Bullet, for easy cleaning, it literally takes only seconds! And, as a bonus you can make everyone their own customized smoothie.

    Have you tried broth? I find that a simple caup of hot broth is the best breakfast for me.

    Good luck!
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