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Thread: Eating is not my problem, exercise is..

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    Eating is not my problem, exercise is..

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    I don't cheat, I dont find there to be a reason to. I have no urges or needs. My mouth doesn't even water for things anymore. (I could watch food network while fasting and it doesn't affect me) I know i'm different but its just the way I am.

    My problem is I have a very high bodyfat % for my height and weight. I am 160lbs, 5'8 and female. My bodyfat % is about 38% (lean body mass of about 99lbs) and its driving me mad. I do believe I need to build more muscle. And while eating is no problem, I just can't devote myself to an exercise program. (I have a 5yr old and a 9month old)
    We don't own a car, and we walk alot (I get my 10000 steps a day during the week, and usually about 20000 steps twice a week)
    I had started chalean extreme but I can't seem to stick to it longer then a couple of weeks. I bought a jump rope to use while my kids are at the park... I have a whole set up of dumb bells also in my living room that I can use.. How does everyone just get in gear to exercise and stick to it.
    I'm very bottom heavy and I just want to lean it all out and be the best me I can be... I'm an extra small in tops, and large in bottoms

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    From what I've been reading on the forum, the weight on your hips will be the last to go (its where your body naturally wants to store it there!).

    It seems like you are running around all day with the kids so your body already gets its "workout" so you don't have the urge to do any more. In this case its very easy to get burned out! I would recommend picking a scheme that you can stick with - that is the most important part. If it means you only do weight/resistance training once a week then that is fine!

    I only do my resistance training 2-3 times a week and only when I feel like it. I like Mark's free fitness guide (body weight exercises) since you can do it anywhere. Commercial while watching TV? I'll do my push-ups. Also I do shovel glove at least once a week: Shovelglove: The Sledgehammer Workout

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    Your question is asked so frequently in MDA that I made a blog about it.

    You have an exercise program. It is the very same one that has been used by your great grandmothers for the last 3-4 million years since we came down out of the trees. It is called parenting. All you need to do is tweak it a little. Don't let some nice, helpful person here convince you to sign up for cross-fit at $150/month.
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    Since you're in NYC, go visit: Serious Strength.

    Or, at least get a copy of his book which has some basic exercises that can be done at home.

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    weight loss is said to be 80 percent diet, if you are walking as much as you say you are i wouldnt worry to much about it

    do body weight squats a couple times a week if you want to strengthen your legs. wont take a lot of time and you can do it anywhere. whatever you do dont waste your money on a gym membership or some other kind of nonsense

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    I'm as pro-exercise/training as anyone on these boards, but if you diet is truly as dialed in as you say it is, it should take care of all the fat loss, assuming no underlying medical issues.

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    Mark just touched on that today. Building muscle and exercising isn't a great way to regulate one's body fat percentage.

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    Wait, sorry 99lbs for 5'8"? That sounds VERY wrong.
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