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Thread: 30 Second Scallop Dish

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    Raw Scallop Dish (w/ bacon fat)

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    I'm sure plenty of you have done this but everyone should try it -- assuming you live relatively close to a coast and have access to fresh scallops. I live about 50 miles from the Atlantic and score them from the fish truck at the farmer's market.

    I just did this half an hour ago at random to try it out, and my taste buds f***ing lost it... this is the gnarliest dish I've had since my first perfectly grilled med-rare beef tenderloin a few months ago (I was vegan for 12 years, and was raised on shit-food prior to that -- so all the real food I've been eating the past 18 months has been blowing my mind).

    Ingredients list (serves one person):

    -1/2 pound fresh scallops
    -Himalayan salt (or any salt)
    -Bacon fat

    Lay out the scallops on a plate. Make sure they're the super fresh kind with no nasty white juice surrounding them. You want shiny fresh ones. Remove abductor muscles if desired.

    Sprinkle Himalayan salt over the top.

    In a small sauce pan melt 2-4 TBSP of bacon fat.

    Pour the melted fat over the salted scallops and dig in.
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