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    Sprouts grocery stores -- any good?

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    I've recently heard about Sprouts grocery stores. Can I get some opinions on their stock, quality, and prices? Anything especially worth getting? Thanks!

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    My town just got one, I like it a lot. Good quality whole foods and relatively cheap compared to Whole Foods store.

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    We have sprouts here, and they are good for some things. The produce is hit or miss, great spices at good prices in the bulk section. I like their pre-prepared and frozen meals with no additives etc. I buy these for my non-primal boyfriend who can't/won't cook to have for dinner while I am at work every night. The one near me usually has decent frozen calf liver slices, good seafood prices for wild caught stuff (Texas standard of good seafood prices at least lol). And their bulk section has good nuts, coconut flour, almond meal etc.

    I interviewed with them earlier this year for work, and they jerked me around for almost 2 months, with several interviews, then "hired" me for a position. I came in for my first day, and they put me to cashiering. They wanted me to sign "demotion to cashier" forms within an hour of arriving, when I was hired as a back end manager. I wasn't happy about this, but worked the shift, and then decided to not take it if it was only a cashier position. I have since struggled with them about getting paid for that time I worked, and finally gave up because its not worth any more of my time. I never got paid for that shift.

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    I had high hopes, but all in all disappointing. Produce is mostly sub-par. Meat so-so, once in awhile they'll carry grass-fed bison, but I can get that all the time at the local farmers market. Packaged goods are over-priced "alternative" brands.

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    Well if you need Gluten free it's great as everything is clearly marked. Only place I can find easily accessible organic grass fed beef, fresh wild caught fish and good selections of raw nuts. Its also where i get my coconut products. Was happy to find Applegate Farms products (hotdogs, bacon) there recently. Produce isn't great.

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