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Thread: Massive energy drop / farigue

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    Massive energy drop / farigue

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    This seems like a stupid post but I'm looking for some validation.

    I was superman levels of energy when i started primal. Two weeks later I can barely get out of bed massive fatigue.

    Facts: because my appetite has been less I've eaten less
    I have exercised more
    My wife smells ketones on me
    I'm fatigued/irritable and grumpy.

    This seems OBVIOUSLY to indicate I should increase my food intake/daily calories likely focused on adding more fat to my daily diet. This is a no brainer right? Despite not being particularly hungry?

    Please let me now if I'm thinking primally with this course of action.

    /edit: I love my iPad but obviously I meant fatigue and please ignore other typos.
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    you might think of adding a bit of primal carbs in too. That was what did it for me. Now I don't have much in the way of carbs, but there was a time early on for me when adding a bit of carbs made quite a bit of difference for me. I was still under 150g all days, but I no longer dropped into ketosis (below 50g). 50-100g seems to be my "sweet spot" for feeling comfortable.

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    If it's only been 2 weeks, so you might also still be in the middle of carb flu. For me, it lasted for 3 weeks.

    But I had the same problem. Between working outside in the heat and ditching the carb cravings, I pretty much had to make myself eat. I was burning something like 3000 calories (or more) and only taking in about 600-700. I would definitely track what you're eating, just for a while, so you can get a good idea of how much you're eating and what makes up that food.

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    The hard part about the phase you are in is deciding whether to ride it out and call it carb flu or try to trouble shoot. You could be someone who needs more carbs, but unless you wait out the carb flu phase then you won't really know. It is very easy to under-eat on this way of eating. Once you are ketoadapted and have stable blood sugars then you don't feel crappy when you undereat, but for now, if it were me I would try adding more fat for another week or two and then if things haven't improved trying adding in more carbs.

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