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Thread: New Primal-esque Eatery in NYC - Bareburger

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    New Primal-esque Eatery in NYC - Bareburger

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    For those interested, I just discovered a new place today at 514 3rd Avenue in NYC called Bareburger (Bareburger - Grass-fed meats | Organic and All-Natural Cheeses | Organic Vegetables). Something to definitely put on your radar.

    They serve beef, bison, ostrich, elk, and lamb burgers. They also offer a lettuce wrap option instead of a roll. You can also get any burger on a salad.

    Most of the meats are 100% organic and/or grass-fed. Many of the cheeses are made from raw milk from grass fed cows. Vegetables are all organic.

    My only gripe is that the fries are cooked in peanut oil, but I don't usually eat carbs for lunch, so not a big deal.

    Prices are reasonable. They do take out and delivery.

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    Good tip, wish there was more of this around, but I pack my lunch most of the time anyway.

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    At BareBurger, people are sometimes puzzled to hear that little of what we do is actually 'new.' Since the dawn of farming, people have eaten the same organic, all natural, free-range, grass-fed meats; organic and all-natural cheeses; and organic vegetables that we offer. By partnering with local artisans and working with sustainable farmers, we're returning to an old-fashioned emphasis on quality. It’s tastier, it's better for you, and it benefits our community.

    Sounds very primal-esque. Not far from my office. Many thanks for posting.

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    Love it. Will try it when I'm in down in the city next. Thanks!

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