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Thread: Does the really PB work?

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    Yep it works! Not only for weight loss, but increased energy, better mood, and better health in general. I've lost 67 pounds (17 to go to hit the "healthy BMI" range at that point I'm going to see where my body fat % is), have the high levels of energy I had in HS back (I'm 35), and I'm feeling great mentally and physically! I did start IF as well around the 50 pound mark, and it changed my whole mental attitude towards food (and I love the mental clarity of my IF days). I don't do nearly as much "lifting of heavy things" as I should (irregular body weight exercises and slosh tube...I'm working on this), but I do walk quite a bit.

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    Marci, my two cents:

    - you could cut diary (many say it stalls weight loss)

    - you might be overdoing the nuts

    - the turkey sausages might not be pure turkey (many have high-carb fillings)

    - many of the veggies you are eating might be starchy (also remember: no corn or potatoes)

    - and as ahhgrr pointed out, IF might help as well.

    Good luck!

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    thanks all!!

    My ND says no IF for me (I'm estrogen dominant & insulin resistant; and there are reasons for me not to IF per my ND- who is a Paleo fan). I'm on lots of hi-quality supplements for this too. But I'm now often hungry again between meals. Go figure.

    Lakina- your loss is amazing- congrats! I think cases like yours are clear examples of the PB works for so many. My prob might be that I am pretty fit to begin with, just overweight. Seems like I cannot build muscle & lose fat although I know I'm stronger (I can lift heavier weights easier now than I did 4 weeks ago)

    J Jen- no difference in the clothes, sadly. Had several body comp tests too- no improvement.

    Serial- dairy has not been a prob in the past for weight loss & I could eliminate it- but I eat so little now...& it's just so damn hard to forgo! I'm probably ODing on nuts (love 'em!), but the sausage is lean, from the Farmer's Market (I checked the carb & fat readout).Veggies are the good kind (my ND gave me a list of what to avoid) so I'm ok there. So maybe no dairy & 1 oz nuts a day max...and maybe I'll hit that elusive sweet effortless weight loss spot...

    thanks again!!

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