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Thread: Yogurt, Bananas, Sweet Potatoes, Coffee, etc.: Primal/not primal, & why?

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    I rely on sweet potatoes and all fruits after workout. I am of the mindset that if you are highly active, you really don't need to worry about carbs / sugar from fruits and vegetables at all.

    What are you goals? Lose weight? Gain weight? Maintain weight?

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    My DH has a bannanas for lunch most days. Good potassium there... If I have one it has to be with yogurt and at dinner. Otherwise it would spike my glucose too much...

    It's easy for me to eat too much yogurt so I go a couple of days between buying it.. You are right with the full fat and avoiding extra ingredients. The low fat one try to fluff with powdered milk or whatever..

    I'm doing goat cheese alternating with shredded Parmesan right now.

    Lots of coffee here but only decaf after lunch. Swiss water process...

    Just bought another sweet potato. I use em only at L or D... Do a hi ptn B with very little veg.. Keeps me more level glucose wise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stephensmith View Post
    What is YMMV, by the way?

    I like berries, too, but ounce for ounce they are way more expensive than apples or bananas (I think). Plus, it's hard for me to spread almond butter on them!

    Re: Yogurt -- what is "fage?" I see that word a lot in these forums. Is it a brand?

    I am sure these have been answered already by the helpful primal folks but just in case not..

    YMMV - Your milage may vary - what works for me might not work for you

    Fage - brand of yogurt. The best I have had. Better may exist. Your tastes may vary.

    Berries - yeah, hard to spread with almond butter but I generally only eat fruit mixed into yogurt where berries seem the easiest.

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    Coffee: I drink lots of it, probably more than most people could fathom. There may be good health reasons for cutting back, but I'm interested in hearing a Primal reason why. I drink it black, so any carbs or calories are either non-existent or negligible.
    Coffee in excess can stress your adrenals. It also burdens your liver, all that caffeine. If good adrenals and a healthy liver are primal, then there you go. I think it's one of those things where a little is a good thing (all those antioxidants...) but then you go overboard and end up doing more harm than good.

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    I am relatively new to Primal, and am doing a Leptin Reset, but after being on Atkins for a long time I have become carbophobic! I don't eat any fruit except for berries and just the thought of a sweet potato scares me now! Maybe after I lose my last 10-15 lbs and tone up, I'll slowly try them out again.

    As for cheese and coffee, I do not want to live if I cannot have these!!

    I was eating a yogurt called carbmasters for a while, but stopped when I realized the list of unpronouncable ingredients were not doing me any favors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canio6 View Post
    I think a lot of it is YMMV. Some people do better on more carbs, some on less. Others are sensitive to certain items.

    Most of the items are basically primal for sure. Sweet potatoes Mark says to avoid in the book, but if you are able to eat them and stay within the carb range you are shooting for (50-100, or 100-150, etc.) then I say eat up! Bananas and apples as well--I consider them totally primal. Yogurt I'd try to get full fat and unsweetened (dairy intolerant so don't do it though ), coffee Mark drinks daily fwiw, cheese I'd personally try and get raw if at all possible, but again I'd eat it (and most dairy) in moderation.

    For more from Mark on all this, check The Definitive Guide to Dairy | Mark's Daily Apple on the yogurt and cheese, Are Potatoes Paleo? | Mark's Daily Apple on potatoes/sweet potatoes, Caffeine Talk | Mark's Daily Apple on coffee, and this The Best Low-Carb Fruits (and the Worst) | Mark's Daily Apple on fruit.


    Quote Originally Posted by andygt02 View Post
    I don't eat bananas, sweet potatoes, or apples, but coffee, greek yogurt, and cheese are another matter.
    And this is what YMMV is all a/b IMO. I don't eat coffee, greek yogurt, or cheese, but bananas, apples and sweet potatoes are fine by me! (I typically stick to the 100-150g primal carb range.) We are all so unique...
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