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Thread: Backyard Swimming Pool

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    Backyard Swimming Pool

    My family has an in-ground pool, about 25-30 feet long, 12-15 feet wide, and it slants down to about 6 feet. I haven't utilized it for fitness yet, but I've been seeing a lot of talk on here about the benefits of swimming. With the length of the pool, however, I can't really do sprints. I haven't really tried, but I would guess a full-sprint swim would take me 6 seconds from end to end. Is that long enough to really get a good workout? Maybe do a sprint down, easy stroke back, repeat for X time?

    Also, are there any explosive moves I can do in the pool? Hand to heart, I've thought about putting on ankle weights, jumping in the deep end, and trying to jump my way out. Very stupid idea haha. I've also seen videos of guys jumping out of waist-high water, but I'm not quite to that level....and it doesn't look very safe.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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