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Thread: body weight squats

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    body weight squats

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    hi im about to start a two hundred body weight squats program (two hundred squats)
    and i was wondering if instead of puting my hand stick infront of me, can i take a broom and put it like on regular squats? will it still have the same effect?

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    if you rest a stick on your shoulders instead of holding your hands in front of you, im assuming you will lose the isometric/core benefits derived from holding your hands out. But the purpose of the squat is to SQUAT, so that should be fine.

    Main thing is to mantain a good form regardless of which type of squat you chose. If you want to use a stick/bar, i suggest looking into 'starting strength' to learn a proper squat.

    Also, look into indian squats for another type of variation. I used to do these very diligently in the past given the right pace, can serve as both a muscular endurance/cardio exercise.
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    Having your arms out in front of you will help with your posture throughout the squat as the arms extended provide you with more balance and allow for a more upright and flat back, allowing you to stay off the ball of the foot and direct more of the focus on the mid foot/heel. I use this method all the time when I'm teaching people how to do bdwt squats and I also highly recommend doing them in bare feet. Performing squats in bare feet allow for better feedback throughout the movement as running/gym shoes have way too much cushion for you to feel the movement. Make sure to push through the feet - not just lift your upper body up - and initiate everything through the feet. A quick tip: When you are in the bottom of the movement, if you pause (as you should for a brief moment), you should be able to wiggle your toes - if you can't, you are too far forward on the ball of the foot.

    Keep us updated with your progress.


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