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Thread: How often can I do kettlebells?

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    How often can I do kettlebells?

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    I just bought 2 kettlebells, a 15lb and a 30lb, and I've watched a bunch of videos to learn some basic moves. I know CW says your muscles need time to repair so you shouldn't lift everyday, use the same true with kettlebells? I read that doing strength training before cardio is a more effective at burning fat, so I would like to do them everyday before my jog. Can anyone recommend a good full body kettlebell workout that is free?

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    Cheack out My Mad Methods - | Unconventional Fitness Training, Kettlebell Training, Sandbag Training for loads of kettlebell exercises, workouts and plans. 3-4 times per week is fine. or on Facebook here

    My training journal if anyone is interested

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    I would recommend finding a kettlebell class and going a handful of times to get the basic moves. You can really hurt yourself if you don't quite know what you're doing. You'll probably be really sore after the first few times you work out, so I would say start slow. You might get the two day delay, where you feel fine the next day, but two days after the workout you're toast. Maybe aim for twice a week for a few weeks, then up it to three or four. I was doing five one-hour workouts per week for a long time -- before I had a kid.

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    Congrats on getting into kettlebells. I train with kettlebells and its so much fun and very effective. I agree that you should try to attend a couple of classes with an HKC/RKC certified trainer if possible. It's true - misusing kettlebells can lead to serious injury, plus you want to get the most out of your training by doing the exercises correctly. It's not free, but correct training is a small price to pay for the potential expensive injury.

    Check out She's RKC Level II and also a paleo eater. She has a bunch of workouts as well as recipes.
    Visit my blog Primal Homeskillet. And eat it too.

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