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Thread: The Primal Adventures of Griffin - Huzzah!

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    The Primal Adventures of Griffin - Huzzah!

    I'm finally taking the plunge and starting a journal. Who knows maybe I'll even update it from time to time.

    As a kid, teenager and young adult I made the rounds through several sports: soccer, hockey (one year), softball and finally rugby when I was in university. In my early twenties, and playing rugby, I would typically go from 185# during the off season down to about 167# during the season.

    I got married (to Mrs. Griffin) and moved away for grad school, gave that up (the school that is), worked as an EMT and now as an architectural project coordinator. We have two daughters but I live a pretty sedentary life, I enjoy video games, TV, movies and reading. I used to have a SAD and would drink slurpees and pop by the gallon. Nothing out of the ordinary, I thought.

    Health-wise, I'm doing okay:
    1. I had one spleen (my X-Men mutant power is having a duplicate spleen) removed after it ruptured during my first league rugby game,
    2. I've been on anti-depressants for about 10-12 years,
    3. Slightly high cholestoral and minor "fatty-liver disease,"
    4. Normal colds and flus as like everyone else seems to get.

    Now I'm in my late thirties (38 in October) and trying to make some changes. About two months ago, I was getting desperate to find something to change my life. I was really depressed and I couldn't be bothered to start dieting and exercising because "there's no point, I'll only quit again anyway. Why bother starting?"

    I follow Erwan Le Corre (Movnat) on Facebook and Twitter and I think he posted a link to MDA. I'd heard of the lifestyle before but I didn't know where to get information and I thought it would be too difficult. So I started reading through Mark's blog and the forums and I started to get excited. My mind tried to make me quit before I'd even started. Thoughts like "What if I fail and can't do this?" "What if it doesn't work?" and "If I'm going to fail, am I better off not even starting?" coursed through my head.

    Mrs. Griffin was out of town the weekend I found the site and when she came home I was running the broken record through my mind. Luckily, she's very supportive and bought foods she thought would be "primal" when she bought groceries the next day. We ordered the PB and the Paleo Solution and I read them both, regaling her with all the cool tidbits of information along the way.

    We did fairly well the first week and have gotten better and better as we've learned more. I think we're well above the 80% mark in terms of WOE and are implementing the exercise more and more. We eat organic meat from the farmers' market 90-95% of the time and the rest is local conventional. We buy our fruits and veggies at the farmers' market or at the organic grocery store and are cleaning out our pantry. We gave up on grains and evil carbs right away. If we were to be "better" at the primal WOE we would knock out the nuts and eat less fruit but fruits and nuts are in our "20%" I figure. I should probably give up my one-a-day non-alcoholic beer, but I don't think I will for a while.

    For exercise, we are walking almost daily and we just did our PDF self-assessments yesterday. Here are my results:

    Push-Ups: Knee Push-Up Level,
    Pull-Ups: Two-Leg Assisted Pull-Up Level,
    Squats: Bench Squat Level,
    Overhead Press: Jack Knife Press Level, and
    Planks: Forearm/Knee + Side Knee Level.

    June 17, 2011 (Start of the Primal Adventure), Weight: Between 197-200#
    August 2, 2011, Weight: 183.5# (down 13.5 - 16.5#)
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    There are two wolves fighting within a man's heart, one is Love, the other is Hate. The one that wins is the one you feed.

    My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we'll change the world. - Jack Layton

    The Primal Adventures of Griffin - Huzzah!

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