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Thread: Insanity, too much?

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    Well I'm a home workout type of guy, I usually do P90X/P90X+ and I loved it. Those are more overall body workouts, that include everything from plyometrics, to lifting, to Yoga, to core work. Well I've recently been looking at another product they put out, but I'm thinking it might be too taxing on the body. The program is called 'Insanity', and it's basically HIIT body weight type exercises. I'd like to try it out, but wonder if it'll do me more harm than good. Here is a link to the program so you can see what it entails:

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    I think we discussed this one before. I believe it would be a great HIIT workout if you cut it in size and give it all you got. I wouldn't do it more than twice a week though.

    Just my two cents.

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    agreed , insanity is a little too much when you are living primal , i love p90x and i modified according to primal life style , i will just do one sequence of chest , back , arms , shoulders and leg workout and rest or walk on the treadmill rest of the day's - pratt

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    looks good for when you're cutting... it's basically HIIT

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    Well that&#39;s what I would use it for, cutting, I figure I could up my carb content a little more. It looks rather enjoyable and would like to try it out. I&#39;m doing P90X right now, and I wouldn&#39;t try insanity until I get an apartment again (living in dorms for now). So for now I&#39;m just doing P90X lifting workouts, with some mild cardio in between. I&#39;m just thinking about cycling P90X for 90 days and Insanity for 60 days afterward to cut up some, besides I think it would be fun and mix it up. We&#39;ll see, just wanted some input, thanks.

    Oh and on second thought, when you say "It might be too much when eating primal", do you mean in regards to carb content, or just overall? I&#39;m sure there are people who eat primal yet had a rather vigorous workout schedule no?

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