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Thread: I Cook and Then I Chill -- Ellie's Journal

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    Much internet love to you, Em!

    Only got some the relevant test results back (the GAD antibody test is delayed until next week) so no official diagnosis yet, but my C-peptide indicates I'm making very little insulin on my own. Also, my LDL is 109, whatever that means.

    I hate waiting! *kicks a pebble*

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    Not much insulin being made sounds like Type 1.

    LDL of 109 is not bad and is irrelevant without your HDL and triglyceride level to measure against. Do you have those?

    Yeah, waiting sucks. ((hugs))

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    I know you had a weekend in between there and "by the end of the week" was not so long ago... but I hope they at least discuss those results with you pronto. Ughhh.
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