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    I also used to home brew which directly resulted in me going from 200lbs to 245lbs within a year or so. I will still on occasion have some beer either Guinness or Pliny the Elder which is top 3 rated beer in the world . I get water retention from too much beer or wheat. I can have a beer or 2 with dinner or dessert with flour and be completely fine but once that threshold is crossed of to much of either I feel miserable from the water retention
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    More vodka please

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    Ditto I get the same response form beer - feel bloated and generally gross. Cognac on the other hand....

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    For home brewers, look into an enzyme, I believe it is called clarity ferm. The purpose is to make the beer more clear by causing proteins settle out, but that means that it also removes most of the protein gluten. I will use it next time I brew. There is a brewery in the Denver area that makes gluten removed beer. Still carb heavy, but you avoid the gluten issue.

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    I struggle with beer now as well, one or two and I'm bloated. Wish I had the same problem with wine, unfortunately that still goes down all too easy !

    Back to the beer though, when I do drink it now I tend to keep with low carb varieties such as Michelob Ultra or for a higher alcohol content but with a few more carbs Bud Lite Platinum.

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    Yes I haven't been drinking beer ( didn't drink much before ), on the odd occasion I have it I get a slight histamine effect ( runny nose, sneezing ) - the occasional red wine is fine .

    Maybe I try a tequila or other spirit and see what happens - though I have no intention of regularly drinking.

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