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Thread: Cancer is a... fungus?

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    chippers, people can claim anything they want. People lie. People are misinformed to start with. People will even eat rotten the vultures here yesterday eating a dead fish by the seawall.

    We aren't vultures.

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    Cancer treatment is one of those things that falls under individual preference. If someone want to go an alternative route, that's fully their decision. And right.

    One can get conventional treatment and do well, or they can get conventional treatment and end up bedridden with very little quality of life. Same goes with other therapies. For me, it'd be a matter of quality over quantity.

    Having watched my father go through chemotherapy, I think I'd give the baking soda a try first. He died within a year anyway, with lungs full of holes that couldn't hold air anymore and spent more time in the hospital, than out of it. I don't want to go through that.

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    Hey, baking soda completely wiped out my gout attacks. (Ive posted on this before). It was amazing and eye opening.

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    I know someone that cured himself and several other people of cancer. His name is Kelley Eidem. He helped me enormously with my diabetes and kidney problems. No one else ever managed to do that. I emailed and he gave me advice, no money involved.

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    I personally know 2 people (they are colleagues of each other) here in Vancouver, WA who cured themselves of cancer via nutrition and following Mercola's methods. I'd never heard of Mercola until I met them.

    I personally witnessed amazing visible changes in one of the women as she was receiving the weekly sodium bicarbonate infusions. When I first met her, her hand was completely covered in skin cancer. It's now gone. And the whites of her eyes are clear and beautiful and she looks 15 years younger. (She is 60-ish.)

    The other woman had (past tense) cervical cancer. When two of her relatives also were diagnosed with cancer (one with colon cancer, the other with lymphoma), they also went on the Mercola protocol and intense nutrition plan (which, BTW, is remarkably similar to Primal....) and are both now cancer-free as well.

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    So baking soda is the cure for cancer?

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    I don&#39;t believe Mercola, myself, but it is intriguing to talk about cancer and alternative medicine. Weston Price Foundation have articles on their website about herbal remedies in the treatment of cancer, and there was an interesting article in the NYT recently about scientists reevaluating &#39;old ideas&#39; about cancer, like cancer growing from wounded tissue, which most scientists apparently don&#39;t believe is true.

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