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Thread: To all you PULL-UP PUSHERS!

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    To all you PULL-UP PUSHERS!

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    A big THANK YOU from me!!!!

    I don't frequent the forums too much and I can't think of all of your names but people like Cheapo the Simple Fit guy, Al Kavadlo, and 2 ladies who have posted about pull-up, I'm sorry I can't remember your names but I am no less grateful ... believe me. You've all been on my mind.

    You made me go ahead and try to do something I though I never could, pull-ups.

    I still can't do 1 clean pull-up but I've gone from:
    - hanging on the bar for 5 seconds before I had to give up;
    - to hanging on the bar for 3 sets of 20 seconds before I had to drop;
    - to doing 3 sets of 3 pull-ups (sadly and embarrassingly assisted by 3 powerbands of the not-too- thin variety);
    - to doing 1 pull-up with 1 less powerband!!!!!!!!! I had this victory today and just have to crow about it. Damn I feel good.

    Thanks guys for being pull-up pushers. I never would have attempted them without you!

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    That's awesome. Congrats on your victory!

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    Freaking awesome man

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    Congrats, thats a lot of progress or on Facebook here

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    MUCH better than I! You are great!
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    You should be ready to try negatives - how about doing those instead of the powerbands?

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    Congrats! Keep training hard! A full pull-up is in your future if you stay the course!
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    How's your back looking? (It requires two mirrors, but I love checking out my back muscles after a shower.)

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    Woot woot!!!!! WTG! Keep up the great work!!!
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    How inspiring! I'm still at the hang for 5 seconds stage, but I dream of a full pull-up. I'm going to check out the powerbands possibilities. How exactly do you use your powerbands?

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