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    Hi Everyone!

    I have been doing Primal for about 5 months now and I am absolutely loving it! I have been having great results, and will post some success stories later on. I have been reading these posts for the past few months and have really learned a lot, thanks to everyone for that.

    One question I have though is regarding exercising. I lift heavy things 2X a week, which is perfect for me, and allows plenty of time for rest, and walking/jogging/sprints on other days. I am confused about body weight type of exercises, especially pullups/chin ups/pushups. Can I do those many times during the week, or do I need to have rest in between those exercises as well? For example, I lifted heavy things yesterday. Can I still do some pushups/pullups/chin ups today, or should I be resting my arms?I hear about people doing pushups/pullups everyday, so I am not sure. Thanks for the help.

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    Not sure how YOUR body would react but a sample week for me:
    Monday - Sprint
    Tuesday - HIIT
    Wensday - lift
    Thursday - bodyweight
    Friday - swim
    Saturday - swim
    Sunday - rest

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    Welcome Chief! I am no expert on exercise. It seems like if you feel like snapping off a few pushups go for it. Just listen to your body.
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