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Thread: I wantz to make a new mush.

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    I wantz to make a new mush.

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    Yea I spelled want wrong, sorry I do that often.

    Anyways I have survived and thrived off a nut mush now for 2 months.
    Come Sunday I will be in the Primal life for exactly 2 months.

    Now that I think about it, I still love my nuts! But.. here's the thing. I don't have as much money this coming week as I have had the other weeks due to not being able to work as much.
    I normally spend 60 dollars on my mush (For lack of better terminology)

    I have considered adding:
    Romaine Lettuce
    Sweet Potato

    In order to make a mush... the only problem with those ingredients is the amount I will need is still going to cost me around 40 dollars. Does anyone have any mushes they enjoy?

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    Jul 2011
    Another alternative I just found for us mush lovers:
    Coconut Shreds

    I know we are meant to eat whole foods but if we eat the whole foods in mush forum it's easier to digest... well for me it is.

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    warm some unsweetened macaroon shred coconut with coconut milk. Stir well. MUSH!

    check out the coconut cereal thread. Toasted chipped coconut is just like cornflakes. Very satisfying.
    --Trish (Bork)

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    I checked that one out it was quite interesting just not mushie enough for my liking.
    Think of baby food, now think of baby food that goes through an even more intense food processor.

    That's mush

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    Food mush image by fayemargaret on Photobucket
    Oh good lord seafood mush o.o never thought I could do that...

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    Wantz iz purrfectly acceptable Lolspeak.
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    The reason behind wanting mush is to consume more calories, some of these that I keep thinking of doing aren't really that fattening
    But I don't want to do the gomad nonsense..

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    I founz it!
    Spinach 4 large bags of spinach - 20 grams of carbohydrates we will round that to 10. So 4 grams per day.
    Cabbage 2 head - 46 grams of carbohydrates we will round that to 25. So 9 grams per day.
    Collards 2 pound - 20 grams of carbohydrates. So 4 grams per day.
    Strawberries 2 cup pureed - 30 grams of carbohydrates. So 6 grams per day.
    2 pound of carrots - 50 grams of carbohydrates. So 10 grams per day.
    2 pound of pumpkin - 10 carbohydrates. So 2 gram per day.

    Looking at per day 35grams of carbohydrates. God that's going to be a lot of food lol...

    Olive Oil 1 cup - 216 grams of fat. So 40 grams of fat per day.

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    Looking at that I still have room for 15 more grams of carbohydrates a day...
    Edible Evolution: Most Comprehensive list of Anti-Inflammatory Foods and Why You Should Be Eating Them
    Carrots are going to be dropped because of this...
    Thus giving me another 10grams I can add in a day.
    That means I need 25 more grams a day of carbohydrates for what I want.
    10 onions would give me 80 grams of carbohydrates which will give me 16 per day.
    So 9 more grams of carbohydrates can be added to this mush....
    5 Avocados 15 grams so 3 grams of carbohydrates a day.
    Remaining 6grams.

    Hmm that's close enough to 50 I guess...

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    4 bags of spinach - 10 dollars
    2 heads of cabbage - 5 dollars
    2 pound of collars - 5 dollars
    2 cups of strawberries - 10 dollars
    2 pounds of pumpkin - 10 dollars
    5 avocados - 10 dollars
    10 onions - 5 dollars

    55 dollars a week to eat mush. That's a lot less than the typical 60 dollars I spend. Saves me 5 dollars and saves me from inflammation.
    Also I get to eat more oooooo:

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