this is TV greatness
I have many family members who see this show, including my father, uncles and aunts, House MD DVD cousins and grandparents. We're all big fans of Cold Case, and we look forward to this show out on DVD. I want to see this show has all its seasons on DVD with all the music used in the show. The music is what makes this show so special, because while watching the show, the music makes you feel as if you were really there.
True blood DVD I prefer being Cold Case Law & Order, CSI, Cold Case, etc. really let you into the lives of victims and makes you feel sympathy for them when they are killed instead of treating them as "cases" than the other shows it.

My cousin went shopping to find Cold Case DVDs, but could not find it, and when I told him that it is not out of the DVD, Two and a Half Men DVD could not believe it! Making the right choice and release this show on DVD. I can assure you that millions of copies sold and more people are watching this show and enjoy what you think. I mean, this game shows around the world, Cold Case DVD crying out loud! So, make the fans happy, and cold-DVD Case!