Hello, my name is Tony and I am committing myself to a primal lifestyle change starting today. I have followed Mark's Daily Apple for a few months now and have now decided its time to make a change.

A little about myself: I am a member of the Army as a cavalry scout, 20 years old, 165 pounds and 5 ft 10 inches. I am in reasonable shape but am not remarkable by any standards. I spent 5.5 years as a strict vegetarian but now eat everything once more. I have a fairly strong background in supplemental and dietary health as a bodybuilding consultant.

I am attracted to the idea of primal living as an opposing lifestyle for the one filled with sickness, fatigue and immobility. I hope that by participating in the forum here that it will help me stay motivated and also that I may bring some interest to my girlfriend of 3 years of the primal lifestyle.

I hope to very soon begin a log detailing specific fitness improvements utilizing the concepts of Primal living. Thank you!