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Thread: Ladies... How do you lose the thighs?!?

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    But I for once having a controlled fruit intake. No more than 2 fruits a day on average. Often even less. And I looked tighter at Cuba (though pictures are 'to be deleted' quality of course), where I did consume some sugar and dates, and even, gasp, a cookie once in a while; the rest were pickled veggies, very few cooked veggies and freshly grilled fish (some meat once in a while). I was swimming in the ocean 3x a day for 30+ minutes, and walked ~ 5 hours a day on the beach. No lifting. Did some push-ups, but not serious. Saved energy for swimming back from the reef against the waves. No need to have a tombstone saying: "She was just trying to lose 10 lbs"

    I am back to my normal regimen now, which includes things like work and chores, and exudes warm ocean & unlimited leisure. I eat much less, and far cleaner. I dropped dairy. I had honey because I felt chilled after Cuba. I assume it will re-balance, but I already let go of the goal of staying around 120, accepting a climb of 10 lbs in weight to be able to eat an apple or two a day. I kindda feel it will be a reasonable compromise between being merry and being fat. I know that stopping eating fruit won't get me to a 'ripped' body anyways, so yeah... just sticking to some not too fat weight would be nice. I can go without looking in the mirror as much as I can, and go with the increasingly loose and stretchy pieces as I change clothes over time. It would be nice to have it stopped somewhere, and somewhere lower than the post-pg weight.... Probably too tall an order.
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