I've gotten the eating portion of Primal pretty set. Maybe 1 cheat meal every few weeks. Now I'm starting to work on the exercise portion!

I walk 1.2 miles a day, 2x a day while at work. And for those in the mid-west, you know how hot it is in the mid-day sun! I don't mind this at all, cause I know I'm sweating off the pounds!
I have also been doing some Primal blueprint fitness at home about once or twice a week.

My arms are perfect with a nice cut. My calfs also have a good looking cut. My stomach is getting slimer by the day.... But those dag on thighs will not move! I know I have some muscle under the thighs, when I was in high school I was a catcher and always squatting. However, even in high school, my thighs were pretty muscular with a layer of fat over them!!!

So how do I slim down my thighs without adding bulk?!?!