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    Kettlebellers -- how long and how often?

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    I work out with kettlebells pretty much exclusively (yoga too, I guess). If you're a kettlebeller, how long are your workouts and how often do you do them? How do you structure your workouts? Mine are about an hour long, three times a week. I usually start with about 15-20 minutes of various swings, and then depending on the day, I'll do other stuff with one day of V02 max thrown in there too.

    I'm just curious as to what others do!

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    Hi, I keep experiementing with KBs because I liove them, but my primary workouts are heavy barbell lifting. My normall KB workout was about 40 min mostly dynamic KBs swings, snatches, lunges with passes, windmills. But with 3 heavy lifting it was unsustainable. Now I am going to do 2 KB 20 min session with lighter KBs but higher intensity 2x a week as HIIT. My goal is to having to mop the floors after I am done!

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    I have a thread I post mine on. I go two times a week, time 20min-1hr. depending on what I am doing and how I feel.

    There are plenty of programs and coaches out there but I don't follow any of them. I lift them, vary it up, kick my own ass, then done! this is what I do.

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    I use kettlebells on Wednesdays for 45 mins. Pullups with a 24kg, alternating with overhead presses. Single arm 32kg and doubles 2x24. Finish with 2x24 front squats and double KB swings.

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