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Thread: Hashimoto's + Primal/Paleo

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    Hashimoto's + Primal/Paleo

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    I was just wondering if anyone has had any effect on their Hashimoto's Thyroiditis related hypothyroidism by switching to PB/paleo. I have Hashimoto's, but apparently I have had no antibodies for a I'm wondering if my thyroid officially just kicked the bucket, or if it's working just a smidge. I'm on 88mcg I'm assuming it is functioning at least a little (otherwise I'd think I'd be on more). I'd love it (wouldn't we all) if I could remove my medication. I have thought about supplementation/natural thyroid vs synthetic...but so far this is working for me, and my generally holistic endo doesn't like dessicated thyroid.

    Anyone have any stories?

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    I dont think real thyroid problems just go away due to primal/Paleo, but it's best best diet for it.

    I went through a lot and will never use Synthroid again, or see an endo that uses it.

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    I started this WOE on 50 mcg cytomel (equivalent to around 200 synthroid) and at this point am at 37.5 mcg. I don't know if I will drop more than this, and I do know that I tend to drop dosage if I lose weight, so the weightloss may be part of it (15-20 lbs), but I have been edging slowly down in my dosage needed over the last 5 months. What I have read is that your thyroid itself, fully functional, produces the equivalent of 300 mcg a day of T4, so pretty much everyone's thyroid is at least partially functional. Also, it is rare for people to need more than 200 synthroid, from what I have heard.

    I know that the other health issues I have are still in the process of slowly improving, so I guess I will just have to wait and see. Keep an eye on yourself, watching for hyperthyroid symptoms and get tested if you need to. Because I bump up and down a lot historically, I have a standing lab rec to get mine checked whenever I feel I might be off, so I can usually catch it fairly quickly.

    Good luck with yours and I hope you do get better

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