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    I work out side and just switched to primal eating and so going out to eat is not much of an option anymore, even to subway. i was wondering what some of your favorite meals or snacks are that are good on the go or easy to package the night before and they still taste good the next day. Thanks

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    seems like nuts and jerky would be good if you don't have access to refrigeration.

    soup, if you can bring a thermos to keep it hot...

    if you have a good cooler w/ice packs or if you have refrigeration, salads (pack dressing separately) will work. Bring a can of tuna or chicken for protein.

    Eating lots but still hungry? Eat more fat. Mid-day sluggishness? Eat more fat. Feeling depressed or irritable? Eat more fat. People think you've developed an eating disorder? Eat more fat... in front of them.

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    lara bars, canned sardines [with the pull top lid], hard boiled eggs are good at least till lunch even without refrigeration. i've also eaten leftovers from dinner at lunch the next day without refrigeration.

    you can easily wrap up a hunk of chicken.

    prosciutto is awesome all by itself.


    just about any veggies cut up and stuck in a ziplock are good well into the next day even without a cooler.

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    Veggies & nuts.

    Boiled eggs.

    SoG told me that he used to carry around bison meatballs in a sandwich bag at work (same recipe as his meatloaf but made as smaller meatballs).

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    i'll 2nd the hard-boiled eggs and canned sardines (or any fish).

    i'm on the road at least 6 or 8 days a month for work and always have one or the other or both.

    will also 2nd packing an ice chest or small cooler if you have somewhere to put it.

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    I'm repeating myself, but powerballs!

    Maybe you should make them of less butter and more coconut oil to keep them "in shape" out of the refrigerator.

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    eating out is not impossible on the PB. i don't know where you live but Panda express and Flame broiler are two great fast food restaurants. All their veggies are delivered, cut, and cooked fresh daily and you can substitute all the rice/noodles for steamed veggies so that your meals are just veggies and meat. They have great variety. Just make sure not to pick the dishes with sugary sauces.

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    For snack on the road, I swear on Mark's Primal bar with a scoop of Whey added to the recipe for extra punch.

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    I have done many of the above, but one not suggested yet is 'Coconut or Caveman Pancakes' by Son of Grok or others.

    I load them up with goodies like home dried fruits, nuts, coconut shavings or other...while they are on the stove as to not 'suck out' the moisture BEFORE it can hit the stove.

    Believe me, if you add your stuff before, you'll end up with dry pancakes. They pack well and are consumable at any temperature.

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    PrimalCon New York

    I ALWAYS keep a bag of nuts in my purse. When I leave the house with the family for a day, I take along an insulated food bag with a gigantic ziploc of frozen Peas & corn (since no one is going to eat them now and I won't care if they spoil! ;-). I then put all sorts of pre-prepared food in there like:

    * Hard-boiled eggs w/ salt

    * Tuna fish Salad (celery, green onions, coconut mayo, cashews, etc.)

    * Romaine Lettuce Leaves in a ziploc (to wrap up the Tuna fish salad).

    * Primal 'Sushi' (ie protein source like shrimp or crab & shredded veggies with avocado, wrapped in a Nori sheet).

    Mark had a great PB protein bar posted in the recipes section.

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