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Thread: Obligatory forum Introduce yourself thread

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    Jun 2012
    Chicago, IL
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    Location: Chicago, IL

    Age: 35

    How Primal are you: Today is Day #5 and my 2nd totally Primal day. Plan to be pretty strict this first month or two while I retrain myself and form new habits, then aim for 85-95%.

    Dairy: Some -- mostly butter, Greek yogurt, aged cheeses, with very infrequent milk or cream.

    Coffee or tea: No coffee, occasional hot white or green tea and iced black tea.

    Motivator for switching to Primal: Fat loss, more energy, functional strength and help with chronic health issues.

    Favorite exercise: Any lower bodyweight... step-ups, lunges, squats, calf raises, etc.

    Favorite Primal food: Eggs, bacon, avocado (in that order)

    Best part about being Primal: Already noticing an increase in energy, which I imagine will only get better (especially once I get my sleep regular). Also, love to cook and discover new foods or expanded uses, so that's fun.

    Worst part about being Primal: Right now... Carb/sugar cravings. Also struggling to plan and prepare healthy foods/snacks that are readily available when I need them.

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    Northern California

    Gluten-Free-Aound-The-World goes Primal

    just wanted to introduce myself. I'm looking forward to joining in the discussion and learning more about what other people are doing, and especially to share some of the recipes I've come up with.


    My location: San Francisco Bay Area of California

    Age: 58 but people never guess it

    How Primal am I: Just started, but I'd say pretty primal, if my understanding of Primal is the same as yours.

    Do I consume dairy: No

    Do I drink coffee or tea: Only herbal

    Motivator for switching to Primal: I have a gluten free blog, but just being Gluten Free wasn't doing it for me. I was in a constant state of unrest, and after reading a bit about Primal I figured out it probably wasn't just all the stress in my life, but my blood sugar gone wonky.

    Favorite exercise: Yoga, walking, biking

    Favorite Primal food: almond coated fish, almond bread, almond biscuits. I have lots of favorites already!

    Best part about being Primal: Not feeling so unsettled and neurotic, or feeling like I'm gonna starve if I eat a little late.

    Worst part about being Primal: My husband, who is my best friend and my chef is frustrated because he doesn't know how to cook for me anymore. But he loves all the great recipes I'm coming up with!

    My blog: Gluten Free Around The World, Traditional Foods Make Eating an Adventure It's not primal, but some of the recipes are, and others can be adapted. I'll share my Primal adaptions here if people are interested.

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    Your location:USA, Louisiana

    Age (If you want):29

    How Primal are you:I assume 99%

    Do you consume dairy:no

    Do you drink coffee or tea:yes and yes

    Motivator for switching to Primal: Health

    Favorite exercise:Kettlebells

    Favorite Primal food:If it had a face

    Best part about being Primal: No more IBS!

    Worst part about being Primal:Really? ummmm nothing to me. I don't the crap that makes me feel like crap so yay....ok wait got 1 I love beer!

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    Hi, my name is Cristina!

    Your location: Seattle, WA

    Age (If you want): 24

    How Primal are you: Quite! I don't intentionally do anything non-primal.

    Do you consume dairy: No, but I am trying ghee.

    Do you drink coffee or tea: No. Very occasionally decaffinated tea.

    Motivator for switching to Primal: It sounded cool.

    Favorite exercise: Sports! All kinds.

    Favorite Primal food: Gosh, every time I make primal energy bars they disappear VERY quickly...hahha. But besides that, steak cooked in butter with herbs and mustard. Oh and sweet potatoes with melted ghee is also SO good.

    Best part about being Primal: Energy like a little kid, glowing skin, tongue scum is gone, mood is a lot more stable...oh actually the best part I think is the good relationship I have with food now, due to my past history of terrible eating habits.

    Worst part about being Primal: Hmmm, well, this has been my passion project every since I started (about 4 weeks ago,) and it has taken LOTS of time. I am starting to get a little tired of the daily grind and must find ways to simplify and save time, instead of spending an hour on the way home from work going to 3 different grocery stores for things I need for dinner, lol, and then cooking for a half hour when I get home.

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    Waldron, AR
    Hi, I'm Cori

    I Live in Waldron, Arkansas.

    I'm 32

    just started first 30. So about 99% right now.

    I consume: butter, heavy cream, some cheese.

    Do you drink coffee or tea: no hate coffee and tea

    Motivator for switching to Primal: My son has autism(Aspergers)tried gluten-free, I came cross Paleo/Primal. I started buy the paleo cookbooks and following these great blogs and sites.

    Favorite exercise: hiking, dancing, and playing with my kids.

    Favorite Primal food:Curries!!!!!

    Best part about being Primal:It wakes u up! I had know idea I was in a fog, 3weeks in and I have incresses my engery and feel good.

    Worst part about being Primal:EGGS!!!! I hate eggs. Sorry but true. I can handle them scrambled with cheese sometimes,but rearly. So, breakfast is so hard. My son hates them to.

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    Kansas City
    The Questions:

    Your location:

    Olathe, Kansas (outside of Kansas City), US

    Age (If you want):


    How Primal are you:

    Brand New... I have done the research, and I am ready to commit! Looking for motivation as I move from a grain based diet, but looking forward to it. feeling great already!

    Do you consume dairy: Less then 1 serving a day, first thing in the AM

    Do you drink coffee or tea:


    Motivator for switching to Primal:

    Looking to feel better, lose weight and rid my body of the toxins that come with processed foods.

    Favorite exercise:

    Dance aerobics, walking, yoga

    Favorite Primal food:

    Nothing like a steak off the grill!!

    Best part about being Primal:

    Actually saves $$ in the long run, and I feel terrific!

    Worst part about being Primal:

    Difficult in social situations at first, but that wears off.

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    Hi everyone, warm greetings from Rosa Michelle
    I am from New Jersey and am 24 years old

    How Primal are you: quite a bit

    Do you consume dairy: sometimes yes..

    Do you drink coffee or tea: tea coffee, coffee tea.. both!

    Motivator for switching to Primal: low-carb

    Favorite exercise: running, cycling, swimming (tri)

    Best part about being Primal: keeps me moving and keeps me healthy!

    Worst part about being Primal: social pressure!

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    I can't remember the last time I ate grains

    I do eat dairy! my ancestors were vikings, how can I forgo dairy?

    Rarely do I drink tea and coffee

    Motivator was to overcome an eating disorder, from which I have suffered for 15 years. I wanted an eating plan which was reliable and wouldn't alter my weight drastically so I could get into good habits. The eating plan was primal and turns out I feel amazing on it and have not looked back.


    Roast chicken

    Feeling great, vibrant and full of life

    not eating carbs and sugar, which are unfortunately f*****g delicious

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    Tucson, AZ
    Hi! I'm excited about the Primal Blueprint. I was really into the Daniel Quinn books when I was younger and always had a hard time explaining them to others ... "Agriculture is... bad?" I put on a lot of weight in my 20s and developed some really uncool health problems (chronic GERD, horrifying PMS). I had lots of weight loss success with the South Beach diet 2 years ago, but my illness stuff didn't go away. My default for a hurried day on South Beach would be to eat string cheese and peanut butter. Also, tons of fake sugar. I stopped the diet at some point and gained most of the weight back. My husband suggested "going paleo" about 2 weeks ago and I ended up here and more enchanted with Primal Blueprint. We have been following it for about 8 days now.

    The Questions:

    Your location: Tucson, AZ

    Age (If you want): 34

    How Primal are you: Following the diet almost completely, but still drink lots of coffee and wine. Am working on being a primal sleeper and have done about half of the fitness plan... I need more outside time -- hard to do in the Sonoran desert this time of year while also parenting.

    Do you consume dairy: not yet -- will add good cheese later

    Do you drink coffee or tea: yes

    Motivator for switching to Primal: fatness/illness

    Favorite exercise: sprinting! I was so excited to see this was recommended because I love to run fast and I HATE to jog

    Favorite Primal food: avocado/herbs

    Best part about being Primal: no upset stomach

    Worst part about being Primal: having a little boy who eats little boy food and feeling nervous about what we are feeding him

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    The Questions:

    Your location: Sierra Foothills, California

    Age: 49

    How Primal are you: Probably 75% - looking to up that percentage

    Do you consume dairy: yes - butter, cream, and a little cheese

    Do you drink coffee or tea: yes

    Motivator for switching to Primal: To be as healthy and strong as I can be and try to avoid so many illnesses that come with age - which is really caused from poor food choices, not just the aging process.

    Favorite exercise: walking/hiking and kettlebells

    Favorite Primal food: Oh - so many! Eggs, steak, avocados...

    Best part about being Primal: Increased energy levels, no stomach bloating, just plain 'ol feelin' good!

    Worst part about being Primal: Not much - other than having to plan a little more in advance for my meals.

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