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Thread: Obligatory forum Introduce yourself thread

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    Поэтому забыв о приличиях, я просто сделала акцент на красивых словах и комплименте.
    зрелые шлюхи москва Я навсегда утоляю жажду.

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    Hey everyone, new member from New York.

    Been living primal for 2 months now and thought I would finally join up and say hi to everyone.

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    Currently based in Toronto, Canada. Originally from Melbourne, Australia
    So here goes the intro
    I am Liam. And Id consider myself fit and healthy. I am just starting the reading of Primal Blueprint and also ridding my home of "non-Primal" foods. I am really looking forward to ridding myself of the "skinny-fat" label and moving quickly towards a toned, strong and healthier human. Looking forward to contributing and continued learning on the forum.

    Your location:Currently Toronto, Canada. Originally Melbourne, Australia

    Age (If you want):28 this year

    How Primal are you:Newbie but starting out pretty strong.

    Do you consume dairy:Yes

    Do you drink coffee or tea:Yes I drink a couple of coffees (maximum) a day. And I also enjoy tea occasionally.

    Motivator for switching to Primal:I want to continually improve my health and fitness. I want to be at my bodies peak physical and mental condition when the day comes I have little humans of my own. I want to end my lower back pain and gain noticeable muscle mass.

    Favorite exercise:Not Bur-pees!! but i will do them. I think playing Australian Football is great fun. it makes you versatile, strong fast and gives you a great cardio workout and hand-eye coordination. But I also am enjoying the quiet soul searching I get being in the gym lifting weights.

    Favorite Primal food:Eggs!!! and Bacon of course.

    Best part about being Primal:As I am just starting out its hard to say, but so far I feel fresh and energized. After a couple of weeks I can see a change in my physique. (more toned for sure)

    Worst part about being Primal:Probably the change of mentality towards snacking and general foods, oh and the reducing of beer intake. Its a big shift from CW to the Primal Blueprint lifestyle, but you gotta start somewhere, right? I'm in for the long haul.

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    Toronto, Canada
    Hello!!!! I am very new. VERY VERY new. Here goes my intro

    Your location: Toronto, Canada

    Age (If you want):39

    How Primal are you: not sure how to answer this. I have just started eating this way literally this past weekend. So I'd say VERY NEW!

    Do you consume dairy: I was only having milk in my coffee, but no other dairy. Yesterday I had my first black coffee and guess what? It wasn't so bad!

    Do you drink coffee or tea: Coffee

    Motivator for switching to Primal: I stumbled across this way of eating by accident. I have suffered from chronic headaches since I was a kid and have always had allergies in some form or another. I started a headache elimination diet and when I was looking more into it I realized that it's basically eating primal except there are something "ok" with primal that are considered headache triggers. For now I am leaving those foods out and will reintroduce at a later date and see if they are in fact a trigger for me.

    Favorite exercise: Hmmmm. I have a lot of favs. How about what I don't like: SLDL (straight leg dead lifts), dead lift, or any other form of dead lift.

    Favorite Primal food: fish

    Best part about being Primal: then energy, the absence of headaches and stomach problems

    Worst part about being Primal: Socially it can be a bit tough but you can make it work for the most part.

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    Your location: Sunny Colorado

    Age (If you want): 40

    How Primal are you: I'm just starting!

    Do you consume dairy: Occasionally

    Do you drink coffee or tea: Always

    Motivator for switching to Primal: Last year, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. After months of surgeries, chemo, radiation and general ickiness, I have decided it's my turn to take the reins. I was given a bad roll on the genetic dice (BRCA2 mutation) so I couldn't control getting cancer. But now I have some control on if it returns. A primal diet is the best present I can give myself for surviving this past year. It gives my body all the nutrients it needs to heal.

    Favorite exercise: Does running my avatar thru my favorite MMO count?

    Favorite Primal food: Meat.

    Best part about being Primal: Healing my body from an amazing assault of chemicals and nuclear radiation.

    Worst part about being Primal: Not being able to wander up and down grocery aisles mindlessly dropping boxes with pretty pictures in to my cart. I'll have to come up with a different sport now.

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    . . .
    Hey everyone

    Your location: London

    Age (If you want): 30

    How Primal are you: It's all very recent. One month with no grains or starchy veg, two weeks with no fruit (other than berries). I have one vice - rice milk. I love it!!! Won't be giving it up for a while

    Do you consume dairy: Yip. I've switched to Goat's milk though, which I believe is healthier...

    Do you drink coffee or tea: Yes...

    Motivator for switching to Primal: Research for a project I am working on. Having such amazing results I am a convert!

    Favorite exercise: Yoga

    Favorite Primal food: Eggs, avocado and spinach (I'm veggie)

    Best part about being Primal: Feeling more energetic, upbeat and alive than I ever have in my life!!

    Worst part about being Primal: No more vegetarian sushi!

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    Hello, My name is Debbi. I've been somewhat health "conscious" for some time now, applying many Nourishing Tradition principles into our family eating. Somewhere along the lines I've fallen off the wagon though, and back slid - a long ways. on track again and while the family is eating better and feeling better - I just can't seem to feel well. Something is still off and it hit me recently that it may be grains. While researching grain free eating I found Mark's blog. Here's my quick intro:

    Your location: central Washington state

    Age (If you want): 40 in just a few more days

    How Primal are you: Just gearing up to be

    Do you consume dairy: Yes, though only fresh and raw. We raise a couple dairy goats.

    Do you drink coffee or tea: Occasional coffee, but only herbal teas except for the tea in our home-brewed kombucha.

    Motivator for switching to Primal: I've always felt good when my protein is up and my grain consumption is down. I'll be 40 in just a few days and am unhappy with my health and fitness levels. Grains are robbing me of my nutrition. Despite regular consumption of red meat I've recently found out that I'm severely anemic. My doctor can't explain why, but my belief is that I have very low stomach acid and therefore can no longer absorb enough iron from diet alone - accounts for the bad heartburn after meals as well. I've been gluten free for about 2 months, however I'm only exchanging grains for grains, so I'm still feeling bloated and tired. My 40th birthday has me inspired to "revitalize", hence my user name. I know I feel better when grain/starch free and in searching for grain free family friendly recipes I stumbled across the MDA website. Looks like a place I may want to stick around for a while.

    Favorite exercise: None. I loathe excercise. There, I said it. Does that make me horrible? Having said that I'm hoping that once I feel better, get my iron levels up and my energy levels up I will loathe it less - maybe, just maybe, I might actually like it some day!

    Favorite Primal food: Not really primal yet, but I'm a beef lovin' gal. Steak, yum! Roast, yum! Even a plain ol' burger, yum! I'm looking forward to breaking out and blowing the dust off my dehydrator and making some homemade beef jerkey to munch on regularly.

    Best part about being Primal: Hopefully feeling better - mentally and physically.

    Worst part about being Primal: Again, not there yet, but I think social gatherings will be tough, which we do weekly. And cooking seperate meals. We have a large family - I couldn't afford to feed all of us primal. I'm not a huge fan of cooking but I do it out of necessity with a big crowd to feed - to have to prepare two meals at times is a chore for me.

    So there we go. A few of my basics.


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    Stockholm, Sweden
    Your location: Stockholm, Sweden

    Age (If you want):37

    How Primal are you: getting there...

    Do you consume dairy: very rarely, try to avoid it most of the time

    Do you drink coffee or tea: mainly green tea, coffee on average couple of times a week

    Motivator for switching to Primal: blood sugar issues, general health, seeing the science behind it all

    Favorite exercise: crossfit, circuits

    Favorite Primal food: hmmm, anything with coconuts!

    Best part about being Primal: no longer a vegan, can share some meals with my family

    Worst part about being Primal: I still miss oatmeal and some sweet stuff...(, but I know I have to get over it for my own good...

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    Burlington, Vermont
    The Questions:

    Your location: Burlington, Vermont (USA)

    Age (If you want): 35

    How Primal are you: Fairly primal

    Do you consume dairy: Rarely

    Do you drink coffee or tea: No

    Motivator for switching to Primal: Health

    Favorite exercise: Sprints

    Favorite Primal food: Raw bone marrow

    Best part about being Primal: Feeling good

    Worst part about being Primal: Everyone questions me about why I want to be different...

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    The Questions:

    Your location:Houston

    Age (If you want):55

    How Primal are you:95%

    Do you consume dairy:rarely

    Do you drink coffee or tea:tea

    Motivator for switching to Primal:lose weight

    Favorite exercise:endurance running

    Favorite Primal food: salmon

    Best part about being Primal: eating right

    Worst part about being Primalarties

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