I stumbled upon the Primal Diet via a link for someone who was doing the Paleo diet. Both diets look similar and both seem to be a bit more strict than the slow carb diet I am on now.

Currently my typical diet consists of beans, meat, veggies, fresh vegetable juice 4 days a week and I cheat on Saturday. I have completely cut wheat out of my diet as it was affecting me mentally and has for quite some time. Off the wheat, gluten and pretty much any grain has given me a much clearer head. Also I rarely eat cheese or milk or drink alcohol.

My goal is not only to lose weight, which I've done pretty successfully up till this point doing slow carb, but it feels like I have hit a bit of a roadblock. So I want to strength train starting this next week and add the paleo/Primal diet to my routine.

Onto the actual questions Whats the difference between what I am doing now with Slow Carb and Primal?

What are the big differences between Primal and Paleo?

And if I am strength training through the week, is there anything I might need to add to my diet, or pre/post workouts?

Thanks for the help

PS-I do NOT believe in evolution or care for the grok theory. The basic premise of the diet makes sense to me as a lifestyle change. I am not looking to method act a caveman.