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Thread: touchdowntodd ... starting a journal

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    touchdowntodd ... the weights FLYING off!

    last week on july 22nd i turned 34 .. that day i went primal

    6'1" 305 lbs (7-3-2012 update, found old info from Doc that put me at 310 in June 2011)
    chrons disease

    my mother is currently in the final stages of dying from colon cancer .. father has bad diabetes .. everyone in my family is fat .. italian, carbs are everywhere. .. in fact in high school i went on a diet and dropped to 205lbs and somewhat muscular eating just pasta everyday with red gravy ..

    greenlightjerky my friend from other hobbies turned me on to this , i read up, and im not turning back .. my wife also converted .. shes gained about 20 lbs since moving from LA to WI 4 years ago to be with me .. shes about 5'2" and 140 as i write this ... she converted yesterday ..

    we plan on havnig a child and we wil start trying in november (i have to get 3 months away from chrons medicine) .. im not sure if she can stay primal and be pregnant, but i see no reason why .. and our child will live this way too im sure..

    i work a ton and barely get to excercise, but i am moving around at work somewhat .. in a desk 1/2 of teh time though sometimes 3/4 ...

    after only a week i feel better, my intestines are feeling more regular (lol chrons patience know this all too well) ... and i am eating noticeably less

    anyways .. HAD to post .. thanks guys ..
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