Given this choice what would you eat?
This is an example of the menu for the dining facility we have up here at Thule. Thought some might get a kick out of seeing it. Tough to deal with at times since what is on the menu may not be what you see when you get there! Sometimes that is good others bad. Many dishes are repeated through the month. There is a lunch menu also which is a bit different. Breakfast is best with eggs bacon and sausage on hand! I eat 2-4 HB eggs for breakfast as it is the fastest and the cooks murder all other eggs on the grill. The * are supposed to indicate "healthy selection" LOL this is due to the USAF wanting their troops to eat healthy! To bad they don't take away the free soda!

I love days with BRATS and Sauerkruat! Also in the fall when they have Duck! They also have beef/pork tenderloin on weekends, sliced to order, usually cooked pink and juciey in the center.

I deal with it as I can sticking with meat ... there is a healthy salad bar so I get by, but hard to say what most of this is cooked with; I am guessing veg oil.

Anyway.. enjoy

Sunday: Asian hot & sour soup *, beef pot roast ”Chalupa” with
beans, smoked pork loin roast with creamy green kale stew
Monday: Tomato-rice soup *, Coq au Vin – chicken in red wine sauce,
braised beef roast with horseradish gravy, pizza
Tuesday: Chicken Gumbo soup *, bratwurst with red cabbage or sauer-
kraut, catfish with fried spinach-rice *, corn dogs
Wednesday: Vegetable soup with dumplings *, pasta & meatballs in tomato
sauce, pork rib roast with sugar browned potatoes
Thursday: Goulash soup *, marinated baked chicken a la Rose, soya-chili
marinated Pangasius with shrimps *, Philly steak sandwich
Friday: Cauliflower soup *, veal roast * with apple-celery compote,
Cantonese spare ribs, beef patties in brown gravy w/ onions
Saturday: Tuscan bean soup *, Thule Dinner Event
Please watch the info channel for menu