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Thread: Help! Microwave Meals...

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    Help! Microwave Meals...

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    I am in the process of getting my kitchen refitted and waiting patiently for the worktop to be made. While all of this goes on (should be another 2 weeks!) I have only a microwave and steamer to make my meals. I'm struggling to make tasty nutricious meals - Breakfast is microwaved scrambled eggs which is fine, lunch is a salad and then dinner... and I'm stuck. Steamed salmon or chicken with veg is losing its appeal very quickly!

    Does anyone have any interesting and tasty recommendations on what I can make?


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    i think you should make a trip to home depot and pick up a grill.

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    Take frozen spinach, some other veggies, some protein/ eggs and nuke it. If you have spices you can throw those in there too

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    You could just spend about 3 to 5 dollars extra per pound of meat and get grass finished meat.
    Once you get that you don't really have to worry about cooking the meat.
    Though if you can't bring yourself to eating raw meat, do as primalrob suggested and grab a grill.

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    It's not perfectly primal, but I like to keep a few "Tasty bites" brand microwavable meals on hand for such occasions. Not something you'd eat every day, but good when you're in a tough spot. The Bombay potatoes one is my favorite, but yes, it has white potato in it and chick peas.

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