Hi, everyone. My name is Mark (40 yrs. old in Tucson, AZ, Type II Diabetic), and I'm in my third week of living primally. Bought Mark's book and read it in two days and also recently re-read the Schwarzbein Principle and Dr. Bernstein's book. Here's a brief personal history.
Was diagnosed with Type II diabetes 6 yrs. ago. Up and down managing my sugars. In the past year I went totally off the rails. I smoked a pack+ a day, ate sugary and fast food galore, didn't exercise and over the past year I went from 230 lbs. to 187 lbs. Was down to barely fitting in 34" jeans. I knew I was wasting away, but hey, I hadn't looked like this since high school.

I got my you know what together this summer because I knew that I couldn't do this to myself anymore. I quit smoking in May, stopped eating junk at the same time, started exercising around 6 weeks ago and went primal 3 weeks ago.

I don't eat grains or sugars. I eat meats, eggs and vegetables (lots of spinach). I put heavy cream in my morning coffee, and I do eat some white cheeses (mozzarella and ricotta). I've restricted fruit to a couple of small handfuls of blueberries a day with some nuts or nut butters here and there. I'm assiduously following the exercise regimen that I got from Primal Fitness. I lift heavy things 2-3 times a week. I sprint once a week. I'm walking, hiking and swimming in the sun, getting plenty of sleep and I overall feel great about this lifestyle change and love how I feel sated. My sugar/carb cravings are almost non-existent. I do drink coffee and iced tea and use stevia as my sweetener. I drink a lot of water here in Tucson, too.

Ok, thanks for letting me share all that. Problem is, I've been gaining weight (fat) in the past month. I canceled a date tonight because I couldn't fit into any of my pants. A month ago, I was still fitting in my 34" waist pants. Not today. I mean, I naturally gained about 10 pounds when I quit smoking in May. But in the past month, I've gone from 200 to 220. I see the fat gain all around my waist and some in my face.

Last paragraph. This past year when I wasn't taking care of myself, I wasn't taking my Lantus regularly. Since I quit smoking in May, I've been taking it diligently. Could this be the cause of my fat gain with my higher fat intake?? I'm utterly frustrated because I want to live this way and am so inspired by the positive results that so many others have experienced. Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated. And no lectures on my prior poor lifestyle choices, please. I'm going to continue to be healthy in my choices, I just wish that the waistline would get with the new program like I have.
Many thanks to you all, and thanks to Mark for the great books and community here.
Mark V.