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Thread: The Top 5 Superfats: Fatty Foods That Are Good For You

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    I liked your post as well. (ditto on editing out the pic of fish oil capsules and putting in a pic of a real fish). From never having eaten an avocado or having drunk a can of coconut milk before this January, now I feel teary if I don't have a little bag of avocados in the fridge and at least 4 cans of coconut milk in the pantry

    And I love canned pacific sockeye salmon and try to have it at least once a week (and supplement with fish oil capsules on the other days).
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    Your comment about goji berries makes you sound like a weirdo those things taste terribad anyways.

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    Thanks for all your feedback guys, good food for thought!

    Solldara, I've gone ahead & switched the picture of the capsules for nice grilled salmon fillet meal. I initially had a picture of each (fish & capsules) side by side, but I couldn't get the editing right so I ended up only keeping the capsules.

    But you're right, we should encourage consuming whole foods as a standard practice.

    That being said, knowing than most people don't/won't eat fish, I believe that fish oil capsules are in the top 1% of the most useful supplements.
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    I feel better now. I eat at least 3 out of 5 of these every day. Nuts are a rarity though.

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    @Pandadude, if eating goji berries, one the absolute healthiest foods on our planet, makes a weirdo... hmm, well I can live with that :P

    I agree they're not the best at first, but if you mix 'em with almonds and dried cranberries, the tastes balance each other out very nicely.

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    I have to disagree with 2 points:

    1. Nuts. It is way too easy to overconsume nuts, which overconsumes omega-6 fats, and those are not good fats, but happen to be the dominant fats in nuts. Believe me I love nuts, but they have all too often been my downfall.
    2. No saturated animal fats. It is really criminal to have a list of top 5 fats and not a single one is an fat (not counting fish oils).

    Given how new the list creator is to Primal Blueprint forums, I can only guess he/she is new to paleo/primal style diets in general and just hasn't learned yet that these (saturated animal fats) are the best and healthiest of all. Or maybe the list was being written to be politically correct towards conventional wisdom or something.
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    Butter!!!! This is a very healthy fat, esp from grass fed cows. Lots of Vitamin A, not to mention completely delicious on just about everything. I think your list is too heavy on the unsaturated fats - coconut oil is the only saturated one. Too much unsaturated fat leads to oxidation in the body, saturated fats are more stable. Butter, bacon fat, or lard should be on the list.

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    phildrolet, I like your blog. Interesting concept overall and it seems well written.

    I agree with these 3 major (recurring) criticisms though:
    - Nuts are predominantly high omega-6 PUFA foods, I really think it's best to eat them sparingly. I'd remove them from the list.
    - Animal fat should be on the list (though you might have to add a disclaimer about grassfed vs grainfed).
    - Encourage people to get their fish oil from fish (only using the supps as a last resort).

    Otherwise, pretty awesome!

    For fun, my list would be:

    5. Olive/avacado oil - tie!
    4. Butter (for cooking, mainly)
    3. Animal body fats (from beef, lamb, bison, etc...)
    2. Fish oil (eat fish!)
    1. Coconut oil

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    Quote Originally Posted by phildrolet View Post
    Hey Primal Eaters!

    I've just written a post about my "Top 5 Superfats" on my brand new blog, The Feel Good Lifestyle. It's a site where I share strategies to live with "more energy & inspiration to create the life we dream of".

    I'd love to have your opinion on my Superfats recommendations, and your overall feedback on the site.

    The Top 5 Superfats: Fatty Foods That Are Good For You |

    Cheers and thanks in advance!!

    I can't get your site to open up. Clicked on your profile and didn't see it there.

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    I enjoyed the article. I've recently just started using Duck Fat, but I'm not sure if it tastes as good as butter. The bacon cooked in butter seems to taste better!

    P.S. I see you are from Perth, me too. I agree with your bio, it is a great place to live.

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