Today was one giant meeting at work with one of our vendors. Everyone ate their tray lunch from the cafeteria while I nommed on my BAS. I felt really out of place, but it was so good today. Made Greek dressing from scratch - best ever.

Also weird busting out my sunflower seeds in the middle of a meeting but damnit, I was hungry! So I ate!

B: Bacon and eggs!
S: Coconut cream pie Lara Bar
L: BAS - Romaine, broccoli, carrots, cucumber, raw cheese cubes, bacon, greek dressing
S: Banana and sunflower seeds
D: Didn't really eat "dinner" - too busy. Snacked throughout the evening on beef summer sausage, small bit of potato, chicken sausage, green beans

Workout: 30 min walk, started mowing the lawn, got about half-way and it started pouring randomly. It felt nice, but I had to stop cutting the grass.

Thinking it's time for a glass of wine. And some dark chocolate I found that has little pieces of espresso beans in it!