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    Primal festival foods?

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    I'll be heading to Wacken Open Air this August for the first time on primal. It's a Heavy Metal festival in a rather limited tiny village in Germany, and, for obvious reasons, this is going to be a hassle. I won't have access to a kitchen, a refrigerator or even a decent supermarket. I'm curious to hear about how you guys handle your music festivals. I can't be the only one who goes to them. How do you solve your festival food needs? I'll be gone for about a week and could definitely use the advice.

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    I'm very jealous! I've heard about Wacken and would love to go some day. I'm not sure what to do about food. Here's a post Mark made a few weeks ago: How to Eat Healthy on the Road | Mark's Daily Apple

    Do they have stuff like turkey legs? Seems like that would be a decent choice. Or a humburger and just ditch the bun.

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    Homemade beef jerky. It travels well and is convenient as hell.

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    Something that you can take on your travels:
    Small cooler or lunch box that keeps cold.
    Inside the lunch box have raw liver, kidney, heart, brains, or testicles.
    When you get hungry bring out a piece and eat.
    God yes, son.

    Another thing would to bring nuts. Almonds, Pecans, Walnuts.

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    Never done a week long festival, but this will be my first Ren Faire without sandwiches (cons, too!) I'm taking trail mix (almond/pecan/cranberry) and beef jerky. Oh, and dark chocolate, if it's not too hot.
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