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Thread: Thoughts on Xylitol?

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    I've been looking into this as a possible alternative sweetner in (grain free) baked goods I make for my ds. Currently I use a blend of honey and stevia for most things, but I've been looking more into xylitol, as it can be found corn-free (made from birch bark?) and supposedly doesn't spike insulin levels? (I honestly don't know enough about it though!) My ds is corn sensitive, so something corn based, like erythritol will not work for us.

    What are your thoughts on xylitol? I like using honey b/c it's been time tested, and b/c stevia is from an herb, I really feel like it's 'safe' in some ways...

    Is xylitol healthy/not harmful in your opinion? And if you do use it, how do you typically use it? Any info you have to share, including links, is welcome and greatly appreciated!

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    I have a bit of trouble with the sugar alcohols myself. Let's just say they can have a very quick laxative effect.

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    David Getoff seems to like it, and I know he knows his stuff very well. Haven't done much research on it, but it's the sweetener used in my gum Spry.

    I don't really bake, actually not at all, so Im not sure how it is in larger quantities although many seem to mention that it does have a laxative effect used in large quantities. Thats the only negative I've heard so far.

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    Probably everything you need to know.

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    It's used in Spry because it's actually good for your teeth, it's also found in toothpaste by the same name. I forget what exactly it does, but I believe it cleans up bacteria. Some people have experienced a laxative effect, but you need to ingest quite a bit to feel it. I've never had that feeling, but I have gotten it from sorbitol. It works just fine with baking, just like sugar although you can make it into a powder so it dissolves better.

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