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Thread: Our local crossfit is promoting tofu as a primal/paleo food - thoughts?

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    I was disappointed to find that this particular crossfit called were promoting 'paleo' and had a whole section on how to follow the paleo diet on their website complete with misleading and inaccurate information eg the quinoa and the tofu. They put greek yogurt in the 'cheat' category yet quinoa and tofu are regarded as paleo - tofu because of its high protein level. It would be great if all crossfits all followed the same dietary principles but I know its hard to regulate. Having said that, I have found that definitions of paleo or primal differ depending on who you ask. There's also wide variation on how strictly people follow the diets. Part of this I guess is the inconclusive research on things like butter, yogurt, nuts, saturated fat etc. I personally include grassfed butter, greek yogurt, low lactose cheeses like cheddar and saturated fat from grassfed meats in my family's diet.

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    Call me crazy, but I don't think I'd be listening to a weightlifter drone on about nutrition.

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    Just print the truth and post it up on the wall in the box.

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